Diesel Engine Oil

These oil are very high quality multifrade diesel engine oil, which provides out standing protection in naturally aspirated and turbo charged high speed diesel engines. It is formulated from high viscosity index base oil and blended with carefully selected anti-oxidant, detergent and anti-wear additives.

T.C. engine, Diesel Generator sets, Earth moving & Construcation equipments.

Enhance engine life. Best performance in all weather. Reduces maintenance cost.

Characteristics Value
1 Appearance Bright and clear
2 Kinematic Viscosity, cSt @ 100°C 12-14
3 Viscosity Index, min. 120
4 Pour Point, °C, max. -18
5 Flash Point, COC, °C, min. 220
6 TBN, mg. KOH/gm 10-20